Hector: That...get-up?  Are you insane?  Impervious: I just came through a window. Normal clothing would've been shredded.  I needed something more...durable.  Hector: Why aren't you shredded? Imprevious: Good question. I--Hector: Nevermind.  Don't care.

Impervious: --Was hoping you knw. Unhh! Doesn't hurt--but each impact knocks me back a foot or so. Whatever changed me--happened in that explosion you planned.  IF you don't--Impervious: Then who--? Hel-lo.  No one's beside me--that I can see--but that reflection-- Hector: You--didn't even use your shield.  Impervious: Not for protection. Camouflage. And in this case--detection.




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