Mr. Hardy: Lorelei, it's for you.  Lorelei: Me?  Mr. Hardy: It's Dylan Steed. I've already talked to him---it's okay with me.  Lorelei: I thought...Steed's travelin' 'round the world... Hardy: He's calling from his Addis Adaba office...Lorelei: Hiya, 'Unca' Dylan.  Steed: Lorelei, I need a favor. I'm sponsoring a men's volleyball team--staying at my beachhouse---I'll pay Mr. Hardy twice your salary-- Lorelei: For--?

Volleyballer: Thanks, Lorelei---we really needed someone to walk and feed---to care for---our dogs---r. Steed highly recommended you.  Lorelei: No problem. Glad tuh. 'Speshully for 'Unca' Dylan.Group Leader: She's perfect. The perfect cover.  Tidal Wave: Lorelei's an old friend.  ---Able to manage the pets yet not bright enough to get suspicious.  No harm can come to her--understand?  Group leader: Understood.




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