Shore (Caption): So where was I during the six weeks I was missing?  Trinidad: So--what're you reading?  Shore: The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies. Nice library, by the way.Shore (Caption): For a week and a half I was being tossed arond from current to Sea-Change to the Lure to Sharktooth and Whirlpool...  Trinidad: What now?  Shore: Gormenghast, by Mervyn Peake.

Shore (Caption): For the next four and a half weeks, I caught up on my reading. Trinidad: Now what are you--?  Shore: The Cream of the Jest, by James Branch Cabell.  Trinidad: *Sigh* Ulysses...Shore (Caption):James Bond would've relished being held in a subsea 'safe hose' with a beauty...but hey, I trained her. Besides, Penny'd kill me...   Shore: Before the Beginning, George Ellis.

Trinidad: Ulysses, I've given you a lot of time...but you have no choice. If you leave, you drown. If I leave, you starve. Join us.  Shore: Nice offer. Really. Thanks--Shore: But looks like my ride's here. Thanks, anyway.  Trinidad: What---what---what--I'll send for help-- Robot: I don't think so. Now I'm jamming your transmissions--

Robot: --And this subsea 'safehouse', on an isolated seamount, far from the other 'Drowntown' communities---means help is far away. Let Shore go---or I'll crush it--and you.




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