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Les: Well. That was satisfying.  Vanessa Lyons (caption): Letter for you, Zeke. Lyons (caption): Thanks, Vanessa. Hmmm. Unstamped. Someone just dropped it in the mailbox. That handwriting?  It...can't be?Les: Zip-a-dee-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, my, oh, my what a wonderful day....  Cromwell Lyons (caption): Hello Ezekiel.  Yes. This is your father.

Les: Plenty of sunshine, heading my way...well, well...a witness. Too bad...for her.  Cromwell Lyons (Caption): Yes. I deliberately hired Les Kidman....just as I deliberately left the estate not to any of my other children...but instead...to you, my traitor son.Les: Oddly dressed---for roadkill.  Cromwell Lyons: You see, when I visited you, your wife, your daughter--I noticed something---something I think only your wife suspects--your daughter's--mentally defective.></a></td></tr></TABLE><p><br>
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