Mindmistress: Shore? Shore: You!!  I only got htis phone two days ago...only three people know this number...how'd you do this?? Mindmistress: Simple. I have a search engine...for voiceprints..Mindmistress: I can track anyone in the phone system---no matter what name the phone's under. how'd you think I learned details of Bloodlust's plot?  Shore: Ker-ripes. That's...awesome. Mindmistress: Bloodlust's---his sister--and Moodswing's.

Shore: Yeah, we don't have her yet. Mindmistress: Forget her. Her belt--I have a shard of it. It's made of a metallic element--humanity has never seen or dreamt of.Mindmistress (Caption): 'I've been gathering info on her past...there's a suspicious lack of data about her first husband-- Assistant: Mr. Smith? Byrne? Smith: One second..I'm testing how malleable element 263 is...


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