Miraculous: You'll stay...until you see reason. Outside is thousands of acres of dangerous swampland. There's no place you can go. We'd find you. That sheet has a 'tracer' thread. Mindmistress: Really.Miraculous: Your superhuman brillance---my unmatched materials--we can remake the world--for the better. Perhaps..even relieve---each other's loneliness. Only we are truly a match for each other...

Miraculous: Mmmmff!! Yff Fofff! Geff thiff uwff meff!! Mindmistress. Unhh! Trace this! Remember Vicki? Your prisoner? My creation--you captured? She told me the building's layout--including this room's hidden exit.Miraculous: Stop!! Don't---how far can you get---naked--unprotected--defenseless--? I was hoping for partnership--maybe more--aren't you lonely? Mindmistress: Not for paranoid control freaks, thanks. Dream on, Smith!


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