Lorelei: Awww...isn't he cute? Mr. Hardy: Sorry, I'm with Indiana Jones---'Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?' Lorelei: But he's such a sweet little snakey-wakey...aren't you, lovely? Mr. Hardy: Lorelei: Vicki--I'm home. Is Spongebob Squarepants on yet? Vicki? Hello? Uh-oh. Vicki always pops in when I come hom...always. Somethin's wrong. Somethin's bad wrong.

Lorelei: An' when somethin's really, really wrong...she's the one who can make things real good...more good...unhh!! Caption: The locket's radiance multiplies her mind twelvefold...Caption: Then a mind as far beyond Einstein's or Hawking's...as yours is beyond the monkey's in a zoo...looks for... Mindmistress: Vicki? No sign of her...anywhere on the net.


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