Mindmistress: Smith? Smith? Ah. It worked. Her dilated eyes slowly readjusted to the light. She slowly descended down the icy, slippery stairs, without her staff--Mindmistress: --And pretty--metal--maids--all in a row.Caption: One prime mistake she reflected, was having Smith control all of them at once. Once Smith was out--so were they.

Eric: 'Sssissster of Ophir---ah, Peru---sssubtle the sssum that purchassses you-- Emily Dickenssson. The only metal maiden Sssmith didn't sssummon--Vicki, I presume? Vicki: Huh? Who--? Eric: Your...little brother.Eric: Ssso---when ssshe desssigned me without a reproductive urge---I found beauty in wordsss--in rhyme. Vicki: Amazing. Learning so much, so quickly... Eric: Half genetic imprinting, half infallible memory---not brillance.


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