Mindmistress: Eric!! What happened--?? Vicki: I'm sorry, Boss, so sorry--I should have been the one holding Smith-- Smith: 'Sorry?' For defending myself against a monster? Vicki: (Caption) Shut up, Smith! When you left, Boss, Eric and I talked-- Vicki: It still give me shudders to see him--how he's trapped me in this--shell.  Eric: From Job, Lord Byron--

Eric: 'A sssspirit passssssed before me; I beheld thisss faccce  of immortality unveiled---deep sssleep came down on every eye sssave mine---and here it ssstood--' Smith: Unnnnhhh? What---? A monster!!Eric: '--All formlessssss---but divine---AAAAYII!! Vicki: Eric--? Boss!!! Smith: Ayaahh!! Take that! Did y ou think I'm defenseless?


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