'Paul': You'll use us.  Your kind always use us. As we use you--sometimes kill you.  Mindmistress: We often return the favor.  It needn't be that way.  Let's learn form each other.'Paul: Liar.  You want what we gave that horse.  Youth.  Endless existence.  Your invevitable morality defines you.  Which makes your murdering us even more cruel. Mindmistress: That mold--forming horse's silouette?

Paul: Here's what you--all your kind--yearn for.  The goal of Gilgamesh--of Ponce De Leon--any human. Mindmistress: With your kind taking contorl?  Too high a price. Paul: Picky, picky...'Paul': You're aren't the only one who can 'fry' what annoys you...these electrical streams will keep you helpless--mere feet away fromt he greatest of gifts.Mindmistress: Electrocution or surrender?  Clever.



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