Demetrius: Hi, Dad!  Come on in...I hope your shift was more exciting than mine! Ty: Well, Demetrius--I had a--nightmare?  Woke up Lorelei--because of what I imagined.Lorelei? I hope she wasn't angry--she calls me when she can't take the bus.  Ty: No. I guess she's too grateful to me to get angry.  Demetrius: Well, she should be.

Demetrius (Caption): After all, Dad, you're the one who pulled her out of that fire at our high school that night--when she was just fifteen. Ty: I've got you, Miss. Lorelei: H-hurry!Lorelei: Thank you thank you thank you!! You're Demetrius' Dad?  Yes, Miss--Tyrone Dyer.  Lorelei: I like your son--we're both--different.  Everyone else got out okay?  Ty: Yep. You're the last.



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