"Schroeder has created a web comic that grabs a hold of you right from the start with a unique idea and an inventive way of handling the superhero genre."--Bev of CHOOKEN from Mindmistress: A Needle in the Haystack of Webcomics

"Al knows how to write superhero comics. He writes 'gee-whiz comics.' I call it that because his work is reminiscent of the old swashbuckling comics of the past. Flash Gordon and old-school Fantastic Four come to mind when reading MM. As I read, I just feel like saying 'Gee-whiz, what world will we discover today?' or 'What cool inventions will I see this issue?'"--Vulkar of GUARDIANS in Mindmistress Webcomics Weview

"The writting for the most part of this comic is fantastic."--Mindless Genuis of STICKY FINGERS in Mindmistress Webcomics Weview

"Overall, a masterful body of work. With a little polish, I could see it with a Marvel/DC stamp on it."--Q of CLOWN SAMURAI from MINDMISTRESS: THE WEVIEW

"The storylines themselves are fairly immersive, drawing you into the world whether you've read the previous versions or not."---Netpoet of TALES OF THE TRAVELLING GNOME from MINDMISTRESS: THE WEVIEW

"It's a superhero comic that really holds up the standard of the old time comics."--AbbyL of THE GREEN AVENGER from MINDMISTRESS: THE WEVIEW