Vicki: Boss!! Look out!! Mindmistress: Great--true robots---not men in armored suits.  Immune to the Psyche-staff---can't 'freeze' them---my staff is calibrated for living, biological minds--nor artificial intelligenes.Mindmistress: Nor do illusions fool them---all my usual mind-tricks don't fool machines---with computers for a 'mind'.  Oh, great--plasma bolts to hit me from afar!  Vicki: See? Unstoppable!

Mindmistress: *Unnh* We'll see, Vicki. This cylinder weighs half a ton--the weight of most cards--solid metal--let's see how tough they really are!  *Unnh* My armored exoskeleton's...straining...Mindmistress: Well, so much for that idea... Vicki: They casually flicked it a fly!  Mindmistress: They're not that big...that should've at least slowed them...yet...they're moving like...battleships!




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