Ram: Looks like we've things in common--- are you stronger than normal?  Yes---my armor-slash-exoskeleton amplifies my strength--- Ram: Great! Killroy doesn't think you can break down our cells alone--but together--?Ram: I'm strong---I'm a costumed adventurer at home too---together, we'll do it!  Mindmistress: Is --everyone animal-like in your reality?  Ram: Just a minority.  To see my Mom...my sister... Ariel...again...

Scale, this's hard to describe...my mind's not faster than yours---it does see problems more completely...the way a chimp'd take minutes---to come up with a plan you'd think in seconds--if at all.

Mindmistress (Caption): Leaving Killroy-- a proud being-- once ruler of whole galaxies-- now 'ruling' a tiny cell.  Maybe he's a despot--- maybe he's as manipulative as the Overlords---but I pitied him.What of Jackie? Trapped in her own insecurities and fears---facking an English accent---badly--hiding her Irish origins---she doesn't deserve this--could I leave---knowing I might not return--?

Mindmistress (Caption): Lastly--what of the Ram---Rick?  Despite his animal-like form, his costume---in many ways he's the most 'normal' of all three. He's just college age--yearning for his family---his girlfriend--I can't just leave him here---I just...couldn't.Mindmistress (Caption): For the first time--I came to a horrifying--for me, anyway...realization.  revelation. Sometimes the right thing to do---isn't the smart thing to do.  Mindmistress: Okay. Let's do it.

Mindmistress: Using my staff as leverage--push!!  Ram: Unhh!! We did it!  Mindmistress:  Wow!  You are strong!  We've two more cells to open--- and special 'tattoos' to give you-- your tickets home.Ram: I should stay--help-- Jackie: Rick, run! If she wants t'martyr herself--let her! Killroy: Never thought you'd be foolish, woman-- Mindmistress: Shut up, Killroy!  Five minutes till 'catwalks' form--run. Run!

--And someone has to delay them--or they'll capture us all.  --I'm the only one who hasn't been imprisoned and near-starved for weeks--go!  In five minutes, those 'tattoos' will take you home--

Mindmistress (Caption): So, Scale---sorry.  I might've found the ones you're searching for---if I'd waited--I might've freed all their prisoners--instead I did something idiotic. Asinine. Stupid, stupid, stupid.




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