Alvin:  We're called bad--evil--what's evil's lyin'---terrorizin' everyone--with a fairy tale! Other prisoner: So, when we---die-- Alvin: I don't know! Nobody knows!!  I admit it...ouch!! Stupid spiders...Alvin: That's what's evil--criminal--frightenin' people-- tellin' them they'll burn forever--*Unhh* I don't feel so good-- Other prisoner: Me---neither--issit th'soup? Alvin: Whooo!! Head...swimmin'

Guard: Hey!! Those guys at the 'genuis' table--fainted??  Get their heads free-- or they'll drown--in tomato soup! Alvin: *Uhhh..* Prisoner: Snnrrgg... Prisoner2: Uff.. Prisoner3: Uhhf.. Guard2 (offpanel): Someone call the docs, pronto!Lawyer Miller: Yes. This is Alvin Ness' lawyer-- what?? Alvin Ness--and ten other convicts--are in a coma? The doctor's never seen anything like it? Lorelei: Mister Miller--Alvin's sick? Lawyer Miller: Very.




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