Shore: Welcome to St. Cassandra, Colonel Minton--- Minton: Fascinating flying over the isle--most of St. Cassandra is a natural fortress---from which a small force could hold off an army...Lorelei (Caption): He can hold his breth for minutes. He froliks like a porpuss. He's so handsum...espeically wile swimming. So...into it. Like nothing else matters...except the water and himself..

Mr. Alexander: You think it's safe to leave Lorelei and Troy together this afternoon? The way she's smitten with him... Lyons: Daylight's all right. I wouldn't leave them alone after dark...Mrs. Alexander: Look, there's Marcel Marche---the host for the pageant. Mr. Alexander: He's an unknown---but Moodswing Cosmetics and March Munitions---major sponsors---insisted on him. Lyons: Odd. He looks---familiar.


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