Moodswing: Good evening. I am 'Chel Dove, CEO of Moodswing Cosmetics---and now that I have your attention---although I'm used to---being noticed--Moodswing: You'll soon realize the reason for this...unorthodox introduction. Bloodlust: Give me a sec...and I'll be dressed for action. Moodswing: Take your time.

Moodswing (Caption): You can't see it...but to my empathic 'eyesight'...I can see their emotions change---from fear and panic...
Moodswing (Caption): To trust and serenity...
Moodswing (Caption): To loyalty and adoration...with traces of lust in the males, which I turn into yearning from afar....all of their emotions changed by my belt's power.Bloodlust: Pretty smooth. I'd like to see you against the one person to ever beat me---that 'Mindmistress' I told you about. Moodswing: I'd like that---Mindmistress versus 'Moodmistress'.


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