Minton: We're working to save the dignataries---inclding your father. Troy: Nininininee... Minton: Can you both go to the American Consulate down the road. There---you'll be safe. Lorelei: Sure. C'mon, Troy.Iris March: Colonel Minton---I'm taking my poor brother to a doctor for his injured arm. Minton: Iris, make sure we can reach him--I still have questions.

Lorelei : Troy....Troy! Don't sneak into that hotel window. Please! How do I stop a two-hundred-pound-plus man with an autistic obsession---with his stuffed bear?Bloodlust: Minton doesn't suspect the 'rebels' work for us... Iris March: March Munitions will be in more demand than ever... Moodswing: But you're still hurt, Wolf...and thus, hurting me. Go. Please.


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