Anansi:(caption)Then the Impossible happened. Then the Horror began. I began shrinking. Extra limbs began sprouting. Anansi: Ayaaaahayahhh!!!Anansi: (Caption) I scramed the names of the lawyers I sent the envelopes to---at first, false names---but she shook her had---and I remembered she had memorized dozens of phonebooks. So I screamed the real names--- Anansi: Brian Osbourne of L.A.!
Andrea Troy of Athens!!
Anansi (Caption): It didn't help.

Anansi (Caption): Soon I was tiny...soon I was a... Anansi: Not a spider! I beg you! Please Please oh please help me...meep...meep...meep... Mindmistress: Too little, too late, Anansi. Anansi: Meep...meep...meep... Female doctor: She's been like this for months now. She only talks when hypnotized---and then she only recites that superhero fantasy. Male doctor: Locked in this spider delusion. Tearing off hospital personal hygiene...every bath a struggle...drooling. I've never seen a case like it.


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