(A four-page interlude between storylines...)

Mindmistress' suit was constructed in her 'universal assembler' of nanomachines. Each vertical line on her suit is a magnetic 'seam' held together first by magnetism, then by tiny hooks that come out.At the end of each fingertip, is a small node which is a magnetic decoupler---which can open any of the 'seams' at a touch. Making it relatively easy to get into the armor, out of the armor, or retrieve something under the armor. In emergencies, they can also become magnetic 'clamps' to stick to metal surfaces.

The horizontal circular rings in the armor show where braces are part of the exoskeleton. Some, like in the head and neck, are padded and protect against whiplash and injury. Others help amplify motions, int the arms and legs and back---aided by motors in the joints...strength is multiplied twelvefold, speed threefold--with no broken bones.With the exoskeleton...with one hand, she can lift furniture...or with two, a small car...leap two stories up...or forty feet across...and run thirty or forty miles per hour.



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