Psychologist: Since you refuse brain implants---this cap will allow you to upload skills--one-way, Wolfgang.  Now...visualize yourself in combat... Bloodlust: Okay--I'm back in the first Gulf War--under fire--Bloodlust: This Institute-provided armor--weaponry--must cost a fortune, Frank. Frank Demetrios: But--you're a walking, mercenary advertisement for March Munitions.  Your combat skillset's real popular with trust members, too.

Spring: On your uncle's death, you're the new CEO, Iris. Should we go public with--?  Iris: No.  Secret. What an advantage! How many trust members now have implants--? Spring: About...six hundred.Harmonica: me Harmonica. I represent the Mimir Institute...I know things're rough since your head injury...a new procedure might restore your missing motor skills... John: A-any..thing th-that'll h-h-h-help...



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