Theo: Are you insane?? Volunteer to lose most of my mind--experimented on--maybe tortured-- Gus: If my own son doesn't volunteer, others will be afraid to!  Theo: With reason!Maddie: Theo...I know your father's tough...that he uses you to make a point--I have a solution.  Theo: Which is, Maddie?  Maddie: Drink this serum--and your problems will be over.  Theo: You sure?

Maddie: Drink this--this serum will give you temporary fever--flulike symptoms--you'll be able to legitimately back out--and nobody will blame you.  Only we two will know.

Theo: You sick, twisted--it'd make me sick, all right--kill me, probably.  Rumor is you poisoned your own kids--so any kids by my father'd be...unrivalled.  I'm next...right?



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