Theo (Caption): father was right.  Eleven more volunteered---after I did.  We sat naked save for our fur--about to surrender our mentality-- Mindmistress: Theo? You'll ve first. Theo (Caption): --Our dignity.Theo: Do you feel this way about becoming Lorelei? You can't... Mindmistress: You'd be surprised, Theo.  To slide back into what I was...unsure if she'll let me return... Theo: You win.

Oh. One of those lockets.  Sealed room, so it doesn't effect her.  Will I--the 'I' thinking this way--ever return?  All I can her.Theo (Caption): No...can't...don't want ot lose my thinking Mindmistress: Okay, let's move the truck behind the room--then we'll open the other door and then--

Theo (Caption): Food! Mindmistress: Okay, Theo--go in where the food is--aren't you hungry--?  I'll be watching--I'll make sure you're safe--I'll make sure you're all safe...I promise.



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