Mindmistress: Theo!! Stay with me...I'm summoning a 'catwalk' to get us out of his slipshod space-time...before it collapses. Poor Terry...think I can lift him off you...Mindmistress: *Ungh* barely...lucky Terry's full weight wasn't on you...the tumors were killing him--you just put him out of his misery.  In a way it was...merciful.

Mindmistress: Theo...both legs are broken--but you'll recover.  Good job, robot--forming a thin metal platform to lift him on.  Robot: Glad to do it, Mistress.  He's so brave...Mindmistress: Dean!! Shut down  your portal--entirely. Nothing--living--is left in there.  That's what I've been waiting to hear!  Watch me fold this spacetime like Origami-- Mindmistress: Where's the judge...?



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