Lorelei:  Hey, Daddy--sorry you were so worried.  Lyons: Ash called: quite a story: Federal investigations, kidnapping his real father... Lorelei: We're flyin' back tonight.  Lyons: That's best.Lorelei: Almost there. What'd you tell the police?  Ash: That I heard of  your disappearance from your father.  I went looking, but a blind man in a strange city--? --Got lost.

Lorelei: Uh....Eddie?  Ash: Mr. DePaul? We're going back to Atlanta: your mother's running things while you're...incapacitated. Her orders. Lorelei: D-doezit hurt? Much? Lucky Man: Ohhhh, yeah. Only when I laugh...or breathe.Lucky Man: I can't help but wonder about you and...and...I can't even say Mindm--- or vis-- something-- some compulsion-- stops me.  Did you--?  Did she--? Nevermind.  I'll...never...know...




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