Anima: Or I could easily take to the air---feel that breeze?  Hear the birds crying?  Smell the sun-drenched goodness-- Ash: More and more surreal. When does it stop?  How can--?Ash: Aah!! Fireworks-- y'know, this describing sensations is getting old---oh, well...smell of gunpowder-- thenderous drumrolls---every rainbow color cascading--wait, the colors are reforming---

Ash: Now rain--raining indoors---like liquid, refreshing...there are flowers growing--out of the -- tiled floors? Overwhelming scent of-- honeysuckle--despite the rain-- Mindmistress: a nice finish.Mindmistress: I hope you appreciate this was a short piece-- like a single song---a single charcoal study-- not a symphony, a mural-- stil, it has possibilities. Ash: The descriptions help?  Mindmistress: Yes.  Thank you.




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