Nikki (Caption): When I need to think...I drive to the country...smoke and stare at the stars. I should be furious at Mindmistress.  I'm not. Because what she said was true.Nikki (Capt.): I'm a broeadcaster. Paid to share with the world my experiences. I've met a true superhuman.  Experienced parallel worlds. Shown the source of...almost everything. I'm terrified.

Nikki (Capt.): Yeah, I have no proof now...but I could dig some up. No one can cover up her tracks completely. But it's I can't commit...only mock.

Nikki(Caption): I can't be regarded as a flake...a kook.  I can't stand being laughed at. So I stay..silent. Silent as the Firstverse...waiting to hear from her...'children'.

Nikki (Caption): My mother left my father, to be with her lover...abandoned me. The only lesbian couple in america who didn't want a kid, it seemed. Just my luck. (Caption): Hurt, I said it'd take a miracle for me to call her...miracles like the Firstverse..? Waiting for her 'children' to become 'adults'... Nikki: Mom? Nikki. Sorry it's late..can



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