Lorelei: Vicki--it just isn't f-fair.  She goes and finds 'nother T-Troy..even gets k-kissed b'him...then loses him?? She's got all that...science stuff--couldn't she-- Vicki?Oh. That's right. Vicki had a...'date'...with Rusty.  At least other-Troy kissed smart-self...kissed me.  That's more than Rusty'll get.  Gotta go. Phil'll be waiting.

Vicki: Thanks for taking me Christmas window shopping, Rusty. Rusty: We could still see a movie, Vicki. Vicki: Nyahhh. This is fun. Rusty: Different...to see you looking halfway normal..except may the hair..Vicki: Hey, it's the same color as the girl's in Scott Pilgrim. I can change my image to look like anybody...Marilyn Monroe...Katy Perry... Rusty: Just...look, don't touch. Vicki: Ouch.



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