Rusty: shot.  I'd rather be with you than a dozen women I could touch.  Just...especially seeing you like this...I wish I could touch you. Vicki: Awww...that's sweet.Vicki: Also...nice save. Rusty: Vicki... Vicki: I get it, okay?  Men have needs... Rusty: I said I'm sorry, okay?  But I'm not going to apologize...for thinking you're beautiful...for yearning. Vicki: Beautiful?

Lorlelei: D'you have t'go?  Phil: My mom's sick, Lorelei. I don't want t'leave you...but she might die... Lorelei: It'll be a lonely Christmas. Come home soon, Phil. Phil: 'Course.Lorelei: 'Bye, Phil.  I'll miss you. You were' fun.  You're not...Troy...but I like you.  This means I'll have t'spend the holidays with Daddy. Oh. Joy.



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