Buckhead bus out of Linburgh center--next stop: Cheshire Bridge Road/Ansley mall. Please wait till thebus comes to a complete stop. Thank you for using MARTA transit.Creep: Hey, can I sit here? Lorelei: But--the bus's empty.  There are plenty of seats.  Creep: Yeah, but I like the ivew here--if you know what I mean.  Lorelei: Eep.

Ethel: Ed, be careful with those packages-- Ed: Maybe if you'd give me a hand, Ethel--whoops! Lady, look out!! Rusty: Look, let's just try to enjoy a normal date-- Vicki: Sounds good to--Ed: Sorry, lady--whuuhh?? Ethel: Eeeee!! H-he went right through her-- like she's a ghost or somethin'! Vicki: Great. So much for a 'normal' date. Rusty: Let's get out of here! Bystander: Look! Bystander2: How--?? Bystander3: Huh??



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