Vicki: Rusty!! Cover your eyes!! Rusty: What? Vicki: Just trust me, okay? Rusty: Okay, I'll do it. I trust you. Bystander1: What is she?  Bystander2: Some kind of advertising stunt--? Bystander3: Look at that? Bystander4: --Hand passes through!Bystander1: Ayiii!! Bystander2: A bomb? Bystander3: Terrorists? Bystander4: No...just a flash! Bystander5: Advertising hologram? They must've shorted it somehow-- Bystander6: My eyes-- Bystander6: Too bright--

Lorelei: Look, just let me by--you sit here, you like the view so much! Creep: Sure. What kind of guy do you think I am?? Lorelei: One starin' at my..chest..not my face.Creep: See? I let you sit somewhere else.  I'm not such a bad guy. Lorelei: ...Yeah...then followed me over here.  Creep: What can I say? I like the view here too.



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