Creep: So...who you calling, beautiful. Lorelei: Someone to tell how turned on I'm getting by your hand inching towards my butt and thighs. Creep: Ooo, kinky. What's her name?Lorelei: Hello, police? I'm on Buckhead bus 415 out of Ashley station--and a man's harassing me. Uh-huh. Touchin'. The bus's empty. Creep: Hey! Uh..this's my stop. Bye! Lorelei: So long, creep.

Rusty: Stupid, stupid, stupid!  I shold never have opened my mouth--should have gone to a movie!  Now we might be labelled terrorists--setting off 'bombs' in the Atlanta underground!  Poor Vicki--Rusty: Vicki!! Vicki: Look, we're just fooling ourselves--tonight proved that. Let's cut our losses--we tried, but the gulf's too great-- Rusty: No! I'm not giving up on us. Not ever, understand?



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