Rusty: Vicki: Look, I'll take care of the secrity cameras--your face's now altered--and good luck finding me.  But...we deserve more. Rusty: Could Mindmistress do something? Vicki. Maybe. 'Bye. Rusty: Wait.Rusty: Too late--she hung up.  Stupid, stupid, stupid. ...Again.  What if she never calls or appears again? I just can't...let it die like this! What can I do?

Lorelei: Daddy? Vanessa? It's Lorelei--open th'gate.  Sure. Vanessa. Vanessa Lyons: Lorelei? You took the bus again? Lorelei: Sure, Vanessa. Vanessa: So risky...fair warning. Your father's in one of his 'moods'. Lorelei: No surprise there.Lorelei: After all--I grew up here.  Daddy's often in a bad mood 'ground th' holidays--go figure.  He'll be okay. Be it never so humble--no place like home.



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