Lyons: --ing useless pieces of-- Lorelei: Daddy! You drink eggnog from that mouth? Lyons: I want that traitorous theif exposed, hear me? Lorelei: Peace on Earth, good will towards men, 'member?Lyons: Sorry, Lorelei: Merry Christmas and all that. It's just kind of an emergency at my company.  The Smartgrid plans stolen--even the-- Lorelei: 'Sokay, Daddy.  *Sigh* Christmas crisis as usual.

Lyons: There's some people I want you to meet later... invited them to a Christmas party before this happened-- what? The Burns files too!? Lorelei: Ooo. Who's callin'? Phil? Ludy?  Leo?Vicki: Boss?? Lorelei: Vicki?? B-but... Vicki: I know you're at Lyons'--I know it's bad timing-- but I want something from your other self. Lorelei: What? Vicki: I want to be human. Lorelei: B-but... Vicki: I want to feel. Please?



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