Vicki: Okay, the boss said she'd see what she  Rusty: Yo. Vicki: You drunk? Rusty: Ummm. Not yet. Not for lack of trying, though. Bartender's occpational hazard: high alcohol tolerance.

Rusty: I wish I could offer you some, but-- Vicki: I wish you could, too. Rusty: I-I don't mean to rub salt in the wound...sometimes I thinkI've found my soulmate. But...sometimes...

Vicki: Sometimes you wonder if you're talking to a Sim--squared. It's natural. I can't drink. Eat. Touch. I've never used a toilet--brushed my teeth.  We've nothing in common.Vicki (Caption):Except...maybe... Rusty (Caption): Loneliness, Vicki? Lyons: Lorelei? Something wrong? After that phone call, you look...puzzled.  Lorelei: I'm just wonderin' how in the world someone's goin't'do a friend a...special favor.



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