Harold Messenger: So that's Lyons' daughter? Cute. Woman: Lorelei? She's still here? She tends to duck out of Lyons' parties halfway through. Messenger: Why? Woman: You know she's...special, right? She gets uncomfortable... Messenger: Ah.Messenger: Excuse me, Miss. Lorelei: Huh? Messenger: I was hoping you could put to rest a ridiculous rumor. Someone said you were this old goat's daughter... Lorelei: Ye-es... Messenger: I said, no chance! Lorelei: What? Lyons: Humph.

Lyons: Lorelei, this soon-to-be-ex-employee of mine is Harold EMssenger. Lawyer. Negotiator. Agent. Messenger: I've crimsscrossed the world sealing deals for you, Lyons. Lyons: You've had your users. Messenger: Such ingratitude...Messenger: But keeping you hidden--I must admit that's near-genius. Lorelei: Daddy wouldn't really fire you for callin' him an old goat...would he? Lyons: Absolutely. Messenger: Nope. Violate my contract. Cheap old goat.



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