Lorelei: Thanks, Mr. Messenger. But I could've taken a bus home. Harold Messenger: At this time of night? A pretty girl like you?  No chance. Besides, the party was boring me too.Messenger: Your father would've worried. Lorelei: Daddy always worries. But I do 'preciate the ride.  I sometimes do meet creeps on th'bus. ...Like...t'night.  Messenger: Ah. Well, Iv'e met my share of lowlives...  Lorelei: Really? You?

Messenger: I was born to a single mother--hustled and stole on the streets as a kid. Had a juvenile rapsheet a mile long. Always had a way with words, though. Always...charming.Lorelei: So what happened? Messenger: A 'friend' was working with a columbian drug mob. Using trucks of cattle...as drug mules. Lorelei: Cows're...mules?? Messenger: Slang. Drugs were...inside them. They trusted me...

Messenger: Their mistake. I hijacked a cattle truck...contacted the District Attorney.  I was still a minor--barely.  Collected a considerable reward which funded my college...my law school. Lorelei: Wow.



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