Messenger: So why ditch the party?  Your father'd have loved for you to stay. Lorelei: Don't know... it's all stokcs and bonds, bulls and bears--nothing I care about. Nothing...real.Messenger: Well, here's your apartments... Lorelei: Thanks again, Mr. Messenger-- Messenger: Harold. Glad I met you. It showed me a side of Ezekiel Lyons I didn't know...and you're delightful to talk to.

Lorelei: Thanks. Daddy was too busy yelling at people tonight to be good company, anyway. Messenger: In his defense-- Lorelei: I really don't care. It's Christmastime. I want eggnog--presents--peace on earth. 'Night, Harold.Messenger: Call Arlington. Arlington: Messenger? What's up?  Messenger: You can drop surveillance of Lyons' daughter. She really is as sweet and simple as she appears. My best private investigator's better used elsewhere.

Arlington/Creep: Too bad.I was looking forward to payback. She humiliated me on that bus. Of course, she didn't realize it was a cover--that the 'creep' has been shadowing her--for weeks.



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