Vicki: Boss, I know you just got home, but-- Lorelei: Vicki, I want to help you, honest.  I just have no idea how! Give me a minute--maybe she--other-me knows.Mindmistress: Hmmm. Make you human-- Vicki: Do you think there's a chance?  Mindmistres: Surpirsingly, yes. I don't want to do without you--so you need to experience humanity--yet still Doable.

Mindmistress: Smith? You remember when you trapped my A.I. in a robotic body? Smith: Yes?  Don't tell me you still hold a grudge... Mindmistress: Nope.  I need details. I'm contemplating a...variation.Mindmistress: What's up, Doc? 'Doc' Hyper: Gyaa!! Oh. That hypnotic invisibility trick. Mindmistress: Those 'skillsharing' sets Mimir's testing? Is there one for basic functions? Walking? Toilet taining? For recovering stroke patients? 'Doc' Hyper: Well...yes.



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