Mindmistress: Now the hardest part will be getting the body. Vicki: Oh, that's simp! Just send Igor gravedigging again. Mindmistress: Vicki. Vicki: Ignore the villagers with the torches and the pitchforks. Mindmistress: Vicki! Sor-ry.Mindmistress: *Sigh* I started to say...right now I've got a program searching through six DNA sequences, looking for traits matching your 'image'...weaving a new you, allele by allele.

Vicki: Whose DNA sequences? Mindmistress: Three women from all-hour florists...three women from necklaces unlimited...given free genetic screenings by Dr. Minnie Daniels... Vicki: A.K.A. you...Mindmistress: ...Without reading the release waivers carefully.Rusty: So...she's growing a clone? How long will that take?  Vicki: She can accelerate the aging...a few weeks.  Rusty: Then you'll...what?  Downlaod into the body?  Vicki: It's a little...complicated.



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