Lorelei: Jewelry again? Daddy, you know I don't-- Lyons: I know, I know. Couldn't resist. Lorelei: Did you--? My usual Christmas gift? Lyons: Of course. The Atlanta Humane Society got its usual Lorelei: Phil?  Merry Christmas! How's your mother?  Oh. That bad, huh? Y-you have t'stay there at least a few weeks?  Sure, I understand. Disappointed? A little.  Miss you. Bye.

Lucy: Merry Christmas! Lorelei: Merry Christmas, Lucy. Lego give you somethin' nice? Lucy: Not...yet. We're...tinkin' of havin' kids. But some think we shouldn't. Lorelei: You'd be great parents! 'Slow' or not!Mindmistress: Day one. The clone's comatose.  Growing one year physically with every passing day...until she reaches adulthood. Then...phase two. Vicki: Boss--I can't thank you enough-- Mindmistress: Merry Christmas, Vicki.



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