Mr. Hardy: Wow. That major pet chain won't be opening on the next block. We're in the middle of a major recession--yet we're doing okay. Lorelei: That's great, Mr.Hardy. Hardy: Lorelei?Hardy: The way you're you know something?  Your father's not helping us, is he? Influencing banks--corporations-- Lorelei: Daddy? Believe me--he's done nothing to help us.  Happy New Year!

Messenger: Great New Years' party, Lyons! Is Lorelei here? Lyons: No. I love Lorelei to death...but she hates my parties. She can't hold her liquor, either.  One drink--she's wasted.Lyons: Confession time, Messenger. I tried to financially ruin that stupid little petstore she works for.  Thought she might come home then. Messenger: And--? Lyons: Nothing. Favors. Influencing. Bribes. Yet...nothing worked.

Mindmistress: Good. Petprojects took the offer for the further location. At the price I offered, it was a no-brainer. Patents under dummy names. Investments. Monetary muscle. Financially protecting--Lorelei's boss.Vicki: So she's seen days old chronologically--seven years old--physically. Mindmistress: Unborn--mentally. Excited?  Vicki: Yes! And--scared. Like--building a new house--wondering about the neighborhood. Happy New Year, boss.



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