TV: January Seventh. From Comedy Central's World News Headquarters in New York, it's the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart. Gus: I left the TV on? This morning? But I didn't... Gus Arlington: I left the TV on? This morning? But I didn't...Gus: What?? Who?? Mindmistress: You followed Ezekiel Lyons' daughter for weeks.  She didn't notice.  I did. Then you accosted her on a bus.  Stalker?  Then I recaleld a detective's newspaper photo.

Gus: Only been in the papers once-- four years ago! You crazzzzzyyy... Mindmistress: Good memory. You'll tell me everything about who hired you--and why. Then forget I was ever here.Vicki: Fourteen days. A comatose fourteen-year-old-body.  Seven days to go.  Mindmistress: Relax. We'll be ready.  While we're waiting-- Vikci, find out everything you can about Harold Messenger please.



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