Harold Messenger: Hey, nurse? How's cousin Iris?  Nurse: As well as can be expected...multiple broken bones...lung punctured...still, for a woman in her fifties... Messenger: She's my younger cousin. Nurse: Suuuure she is.Messenger: Doctor? My cousin? Doctor: Still touch and go. Whatever she hit, every major bone was fractured, broken--or shattered. Plus her--hallucinations-- Messnger: Still thinks they were real?  Doctor: I'm afraid so.

Messenger: Irs? ?You feeling--? Iris: Like a broken porcelin doll--but the nightmare's over. It's great talking to people again--not screaming at red-lit statues for decades. Messenger: Decades? Six months, tops.Iris: Wrong. Thirty years. No, I can't explain it. Did you check out that...Lorelei Lyons? Messenger: A sweet girl. Special..like Forrest Gump 'special'. Iris: Nothing else? She's my only clue...



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