Harold Messenger: Okay...one more time: I made you an executive assistant: You were working late one June night--six months ago-- Iris: Your time.  Messenger: Real time. ...You disappeared.  Without a trace.Iris: This photo--I was so much younger-- Messenger: Iris--that was taken last May. Where you were last seen, odd rumors cropped up--of a glowing ghost--stealing groceries.

Messenger: Stores--restaurants--lost food mysteriously.  Repeatedly. A downtown Atlanta market placed high-speed security cameras everywhere--one night phostographing a blue-glowing blug in a vaguely female shape.  Iris: This? They saw--this?Messenger: One December morning they found you--bleeding, with multiple injuries--were you kidnapped? Did you jump out a window to escape your captors? Did they steal the food?  Iris: Nothing so...ordinary.



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