Iris: I told you--I was stuck in a red-lit nightmare--where everybody but me were statues...lookin my backpack-- *Cough* *Cough* Harold Messenger: Nurse!  Doctor! She's coughing up blood! Emergency!!Doctor: Noting to blame yourself for, Mr. Messenger. Given her injuries, it's amazing she survived this long. Messenger: Sure, Doc.  Just wish I knew where she'd been... Doctor: She mentioned an abandoned storefront...

Messenger: Notebooks. Magazines. Books. This's where she hid for six months? Have to admit, it looks more like thirty years...the notebooks seem to be journals...and this futuristic backpack...Messenger: ...Held these high-tech, high-top boots.  Big deal. Plus a few other items I can't identify...but the backpack has a frayed tag...which says, 'For Lorelei Lyons'. What's the connection--?



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