Mindmistress: Okay--she's off the age-accelerants...off the life-support. A normal--if comatose--female body. Let's do this! Vicki: Shouldn't you raise the body into a thunderstorm and yell, 'It's alive!'?Vicki: This is how Smith trapped me before-- Mindmistress: Remember--just download your basic persona, your personal history, basic knowledge--not all your databases-- Vicki: --Or I might overload the brain. Got it.

Vicki2: Oh. Oh. Oh. So this is what breathing's like... Mindmistress: Downloading additional 'basic' skillsets--walking, toilet training, penmanship-- Vicki2: Touch--smell--so much I didn't really comprehend. --But stuck here...Vicki2: --Or am I? Vicki: What?? Both she and I--at the same time? Mindmistress: Sure. You didn't transfer your mind--you duplicated it. Vicki: So I'll still not experience-- MM: Yes. You will.



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