Vicki: exactly will I experience what she's feeling? Vicki2: Weight.  It makes motion so...different. Mindmistress: She's going to store up her experiences, her sensations during the day--Mindmistress (Caption): At night, she'll sleep in a special headband--uploading to you her day in flashback. You in turn can download new info to her.  Enriching both...selves.

Mindmistress: Now...for a new experience.  Crackers. Icewater. You've never eaten starting out with very plain food. Vicki2: Eating? Teasting...small bites. Chewing. Swallowing. I can do this.Vicki2/Dora: *Ummmm* Itsh good! Sho good... Mindmistress: Slow down! Chew with mouth closed, uh... Vicki: Not 'Vicki-2'. Something...different.  How about Dora? Dora Vickers?  Mindmistress: Greek for 'gift'? My gift to you? Fitting.



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