Mindmistress: Vicki? How'd you like Dora's first sensation upload? Oh. That intense, huh? Vicki: I thought I knew you people.  Seen everything. Heard everything. But touch...taste..smell...Vicki: It's disgusting..disturbing...occasinally delightful.  You all are so...strange. Mindmistress: How's Dora this morning. Vicki: She's having some sort of emotional episode. Mindmistress: It's a lot to take in. We'll talk.

Mindmistress: Dora?  How are you this morning? Are you...crying? Dora: Yes! And I don't know why. I just thought of all those...feelings.. Mindmistress: You're unsued to hormones.  To emotion's physical side.Dora: A bath? Every day?  Brushing my teeth three times a day?  Deoderant?  Mindmistress: You've a date with Rusty by the end of the week. Trust me...he'll appreciate it.



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