Dora: So, Boss... Lorelei: Lorelei. Dora: Lorelei. What are we doing here? Lorelei: Rusty's taking you out to a fancy-schmancy rest'rant on Friday, right? Dora: Right. Lorelei: You'll love good food more--after fast food.Lorelei: Hey,Neil! Neil: Lorelei! Good t'see you. Who's your friend? Dora: Uh...I'm Dora. Neil: What'll you have? Wraps are hot right now. Lorelei: Nyaaahhh. The classics. Burger, fries, Coke. The works!

Dora: So...the idea's to introduce me to rotten cooking--? Lorelei: Too late. You've been eatin' what Double-M an' me can cook. Dora: So I can appreciate fine dining--? Gee, thanks. Lorelei: Hah! Try it.Dora: Wow...this stuff's good. Really good. Lorelei: Eighty gajillion zillion served. Dora: Yet all I've read--about how awful it tastes, how bad for me... Lorelei: Stuff good for yo--usually sucks.



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